Day 33: The Vagrant

02.02.09: I'm WAY WAY WAY behind schedule now, I should be in Central America and I'm not - I'm stuck on an island miles from anywhere that has about 3 boats on it. But Wayne remained upbeat that I'd get a ride today. We headed down to the marina at 9am and asked one of the guys who worked there if he knew of any boats going to Antigua. Yeah - that one. He pointed to The Vagrant, a yacht sporting a Canadian flag. We wandered over and spoke to the captain, Grant Gordon. I explained what I was doing and he said jump aboard, we leave in 10 minutes. I was so grateful, I nearly cried. I ran back to Wayne's, grabbed my stuff and jumped on the boat. I was introduced to Jim and Freda who were sailing with Grant and we were off…

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Day 32: The Silent Phone

01.02.09: Got up bright and early to go and see a man about a boat - Wayne had organised someone to take me over to Antigua in a speedboat for US$500 - only, this being the Caribbean, he didn't show up. So I spent the morning listlessly roaming around and then gave up entirely and spent the afternoon at Wayne's house watching reruns of CSI waiting for the phone to ring. It didn't ring. It did rain, though. Boy did it rain.

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Day 31: It’s Just Not Cricket!

31.01.09: Up early and off to see the two contacts I had on the island. The first one, Shauna, was not in work this weekend. The second, the enigmatically named Mistress Challenger was also not in this weekend either. With no cargo ships to talk of and hardly any yachts in port, I despaired of ever getting off this island to anywhere, never mind Antigua. So I headed down to the marina and tried my luck asking around - it didn't take long - there were only 5 people there. I got chatting with Seamus (from Ireland) and Derek (from Manchester) - a couple of guys in a glass-bottomed boat who, liking the idea of The Odyssey, offered me a beer and then promptly kidnapped me and took me on a impromptu snorkelling trip. The captain of the boat was a local lad called Wayne who…

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Day 30: Caught In A Trap

30.01.08: Slept on a three-foot long wooden bench on a rusting cargo ship that went up and down, up and down, up and down.... The Eastpack got into port in St. Kitts at around 1pm, but I stayed on board desperately pounding the internet for all it was worth trying to find a cargo boat, yacht, hovercraft, whatever, that would take me to Antigua. Finally getting off the boat at 5pm (after depositing a hefty bribe in the captain's pocket) me and the team back in the UK - John Dino and Lorna, had no leads and no clue how I was going to get off this rock. There were no boats whatsoever in the deep-water harbour and only about three in the marina. Where on Earth is everyone? I thought all the rich bankers were hiding out in the Caribbean while the rest of the…

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