What’s that? You want a pics of me in every country? Oh, go on then…

South America

The Caribbean

Central & North America

Northern Europe

Eastern Europe

Southern Europe

West Africa

Central Africa

Southern & East Africa

Middle East & Caucasus

Central Asia & Arabia

India & East Asia

Australasia & Pacific

The Final Frontiers

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  1. Robin

    hey man u do not have photos of Brazil

    1. Matheus

      Where is Brazil??!

    2. Leonardo

      hey man!!!! you do not have photos of Brazil [2]

      1. Graham

        I’ll get that sorted for you, no probs!

        1. Marcelo

          Thank you, I’d appreciate that too.

  2. Olga

    Do you fake russian photo? Why you show us that you have russian visa if you have told that you didn’t cross the border in Narva?

    1. Graham

      I had to go back as Guinness World Records weren’t happy with me crossing the river in Narva… so I did!

  3. Brazilian Fan

    What about brazil?!

  4. Lester Espinoza

    I don’t see pictures in Nicaragua 🙁 soo bad … you are amazing dude

  5. denise

    This is amazing. I dont see zambia 🙁

  6. Yordan

    The picture from Bulgaria is actually from the train station of the Romanian city of Giurgiu (probably on your way to Bulgaria, since it’s on the border).

  7. Rafat

    All sounded interesting till I read what you wrote about Palestine… As a Palestinian I would like to tell you that we Palestinians GIVE A DAM that our country was occupied and our lands stolen and over 9 Millions of us life as refugees scattered across the region and the rest of the world… Shame on you to say what you said!

  8. Kaningjeiliu La Montagne

    No pictures of India and Bhutan?

  9. Devraj Biswas

    Hey………… REALLY impressive man! I dont know how you did it but you are a GREAT inspiration! I wonder how much you spent for the total trip.

    Also please put some pics of your trip in India and Pakistan….

  10. Marlon

    Any pics in Costa Rica? 🙂 Pura Vida!

  11. Luke

    Kia-Orana.. Pleas put up a photo of Cook Islands, Rarotonga 🙂

  12. spk

    I have also taken the DMZ tour in South Korea and have stepped into that blue room with the South Korean soldier in the background, but I don’t necessarily consider myself to have “been” to North Korea. But in any case, your feat is nothing short of remarkable.

  13. Kateryna


    Amazing experience but where is a photo taken in Ukraine?

    Kind Regards


  14. SanjayDsouza

    Impressive man. How you obtained extra pages for passport, while travelling in so many countries at one time???

  15. rangga

    Heyyyy… are u still remember me??? im rangga. a guy met u at ferry from batam to jakarta… xoxooxoxoxoxo

  16. Kidd

    U do not have the photo of Malaysia.

  17. Zarita _az

    Geez man! Would be great if you could add a photo of you in Malaysia 🙂 Anyway, well done for following your dreams and doing good deeds at the same time. It motivates me to pursue my dreams too. Well we’re the same age and I so envy you!

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