I filled FOUR passports over the course of The Odyssey Expedition, with loads of stamps and visa from (almost) everywhere! Feel free to flick through ’em!





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  1. Richard

    How did you account for all the Visas that you need?

    1. Graham

      There’s 140 countries in the world that you can just turn up with a British passport and a smile and they’ll let you in. There’s 60 (including the likes of Libya, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, North Korea and AUSTRALIA) that make it awkward for you. I don’t know why, maybe they just don’t like tourists so much…!

      1. Alexander

        Australia made it awkward for you when you have a British passport? Isn’t that interesting 😀

        1. Florian

          Te he he.

      2. JimmyJimBobFromKansas

        The simple fact that you don’t even know why some countries ask for visas shows your ignorance in regards to travel – no wonder your blog posts are filled with first world and “white man’s burden” diatribe. You come off as an over privileged attention junkie that has little to no understanding about the outside world. Congratulations. It is too bad someone with your naivety is so religiously followed and admired.

  2. Yogesh Kumar

    Hi Graham, This is Yogesh from India. I really have NO words to explain how badly I want to go on travelling the world, all extreme points on Earth, witnessing everything all by myself, BUT seeing the money crunch & having an Indian passport, it seems it will take toooo much time…but I am not at all interested in such lifestyle…working everyday in a cabin in my office… This is just not for me… Just passed out from college… I am 22…. Please advise..How to go about it?

    1. Graham

      The guy who set the first world record visiting every country in the world (he did it flying) was Mr. Kashi Samadder: a guy from INDIA!! Seriously, if you wanna do it, DO IT. Couchsurf, eat cheap and hitch whenever possible. Good luck my friend!!!

      1. Yogesh Kumar

        Hey Thanks a lot for replying :)… Actually travelling is the only thing which pervades my mind every moment.. I have read about this guy..Kashi Samaddar.. That is the thing i do.. reading about such ppl to draw some inspiration.. Thats how i stumbled upon your this expedition… Looking forward to start my expedition asap.. I cant wait.. Why do i get this feeling that Indians are toooo homesick and less intrepid… Cant find one here… Well I would have loved to accompany you if you would have started now.. Anyways, Good Luck for your expedition 🙂

  3. Fail

    There are a few hundreds of people that have traveled all the nations before Mr Kashi. May be he was the first to ask for the Guinness, but this just make him stupid. People know that he was not the first…

    1. Graham

      He wasn’t the first, he was the first to do it in a given time period… still, took him six years, so I’m doing alright!

  4. Joe

    It seems your passport stamp photos are down

  5. fibsy

    hi graham, i´m from germany and i like what u did to go around the world.
    just one question: if u did´t fly why u got some stamps from some airports on your passport.

  6. BargeArse

    Re: fibsy says: ” if u did´t fly why u got some stamps from some airports on your passport.”

    The entry/exit stamps from airports are NOT from Graham’s recent record breaking journey.

  7. James

    Nice..but where are the rest? was hoping to see a South Sudan stamp somewhere…

  8. DG

    Let’s see this updated 😛 Everything from the beginning to the Russian visa!

  9. Rachellllllll

    Congratulations on your amazing achievement, Graham!

  10. Susan Fischer

    What an inspiration!

  11. Yi Zee

    Hi. Congrats to you and all your helpers.
    You mentioned having 2 passports – are they both from the same country (UK)?
    How many Visas were obtained by your family/friends in the UK while you were traveling?
    $100 per week but does this include the cost of all those expensive African Visas? courier of passport?

    1. Graham

      I had 4 passports over the course of the journey, 2 running concurrently at any one time. Visas obtained in London = Guinea, Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, India, China (for re-entry from Mongolia), Mozambique (second time – didn’t use the damn thing!!), Ethiopia (second time). The $100 a week included the cheaper visas… not the ones for Africa then!!

  12. Chan

    I love seeing all those beautiful visas – really motivating. I wish you could comment on all visas as you did with your first two passports, because sometimes it’s hard to figure out where the visa is from.

    1. Dieter

      I would appreciate that too, man

  13. Hermann

    Super Homepage! Greetings from Germany

  14. Cristelle B

    Very inspiring! Wish I knew you visited Lebanon, would’ve liked to help you out!

  15. Roger

    Fucking Awesome!
    Did the same in 95 following the great wall and the Mekong, but was forced fo fly out of Tibet because of permits. I’m not that great at bullshitting my way out or in.

  16. Mathijs

    Damn, you’re a hero of mine now for sure.
    Great work, I hope to do something like this sometime, but only 19 so I have a few good years to go XD

  17. Syedpk

    Quite pathetic, for a guy who has traveled the world, I was expecting you to be quite humble and full of life, but you turned out to be narcissist and arrogant. It was certainly disappointing to see what you wrote about India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Specially Pakistan, your views are no different than those of a person who has never left his tv lounge and gets his news from CNN, BBC and FOX. You were there just to be there so you could just cut an entry of your checklist, you didnt even try to mingle with the local people to really see whats going on. Same goes for your comments on Afghanistan. You missed an opportunity, and I really pity you for that.
    I would have more comments, but seeing what you wrote bout these 3 countries, I dont have any patience or even desire to read what you wrote on Arabic countries and African countries.

    1. Graham

      Do you know what’s more pathetic? Getting grief of people FROM GERMANY about places they have never visited. Class.

      1. Fox

        Why especially Germany? Just curious 😉

        There are no real statistics on that, but according to money spent abroad Germans are the most travelled people on the planet.

    2. Laura

      And did you read what he wrote about Czech Republic? Horrible!
      You were not there, you are just passing with train, you didnt even visit Prague and learn something about are country! We are small, but we are interesting and we deserve to be visited, not just passed with the train! And you wrote the same about 4 another countries!!! Unbelievable!!!

  18. Erika

    I am so amazed of what you have accomplished! You’re one brave man! I really envy you… Well done! You’ve really made me feel even more motivated to go and travel the world 🙂

  19. Piritta

    Well, you’re a man, so this was a task at least half easier to accomplish for you than for a woman. A sadly true fact for this world of ours.. So when some woman does this, that is a thing of which I can truly call an adventure. Congratulations for you nevertheless. And a respect for the charity aspect, too. I have visited just 35 countries atm, but I’d also want to visit them all.

    1. Jordan

      Yes, as a white person it’s also easier since he wouldn’t face real discrimination from people just because of his looks if anything he would only face admiration. As a black man I would neeeeeever go to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and those countries. Indian-Arab-Central Asian countries basically other countries would be safe I think.

  20. Kirri Cetinich

    The only thing I can say is that you should finish off the world and get yourself to Antarctica. It is the most amazing place in the world.

  21. Gil

    Amazing trip, Graham!!

    Just a quick thing, the passport pics don’t load. Have they been removed? I would love to see them!


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