TV Interviews

Extensive scientific testing has shown that I am 1,527% less creepy than Tom Cruise jumping up and down on your couch. Here I am being interviewed about my The Odyssey Expedition.

CNN Business Traveller (March 2013)

CBS This Morning (Sept 2013)

BBC Breakfast (Dec 2012)

Sky News (Jan 2013)

TVNZ Close Up (Jan 2012)

Channel 7 Sunrise (Jan 2016)

Channel 10 Wake Up (Jan 2014)

Japanese TV (Aug 2013)

Associated French Press (Feb 2010)

BBC North West Tonight (Feb 2010)

ITV Granada Reports (Feb 2010)

MSNBC (Feb 2010)

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  1. Kaningjeiliu La Montagne

    Hi Mr. Hughes, I head you saying “huge, huge mountains” in Colombia. Well, of course, you are yet to reach Himalaya…, ^_^

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