The Odyssey Blog

Part I: Man of the World

1 January 2009 – 31 December 2009


The Odyssey is an epic adventure, a world first, a race against time, a year (or two) of living dangerously!! Scouse film maker Graham Hughes’

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Day 18: Bus Up Shut

Woke up still in Point Lisas, Trinidad. We hadn’t moved on to Port of Spain. Something was wrong – the electric generator had failed and

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Day 57: Land Ahoy!

We arrived in Veracruz, Mexico at around 1pm local time. Yippee! Unfortunately for my itchy, goddamn-month-behind-schedule feet, the shipping agent says I’ve got to wait

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Day 107: Hoppípolla

Where is everyone? While the Reykjafoss was almost guaranteed to have the Captain, Andrey, Albert or Chivas knocking about, the Dettifoss is deserted at night.

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Day 138: Due South

The connection to the desert town of Dakhla – the furthest south one can go on public transport in Morocco – was seamless. I had

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Day 222: TCHAD!

The train arrived at 7am in the central Cameroon town of N’Gaoundéré and, if we were VERY lucky, we could make a border hop to

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Day 272: A Breath of Fresh Air

Arrrrrrgh! ANOTHER get-up-at-5am-bus-leaves-at-11am day. I tell you, good information is priceless. Cliff and I wound up hanging about for hours before we actually left, but

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Day 274: Cool Run-Ins

So… into the tenth month on the road and I finally, finally reach South Africa, what had, in my original estimation, been the half-way point

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Day 307: Passportout

TEAM ODYSSEY has a tentative lead – a cargo ship, the “DAL Madagascar” leaves here on Thursday (today is Tuesday), perhaps bound for Madagascar. This

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