Day 642: Chinglish For Lovers


And the bus so pulled entered Chinese city Guangzhou and exited the ginger adventurer who you liked. If I have ridden a direct bus to Nanning (my under destination on the way to Vietnam), I will be late in the evening, and I will meet must discover the money bed and bed=waste, therefore (other) overnight bus as if future way, future way, future way, future way, way in the future…

I jumped in the extraordinary Guangzhou subway have gotten down to the river, and enjoyed along strolling which took a walk, until I arrived at the Shamian island, first yielded to split between Britain and the French and without a doubt the most lovable spot in the city: The colony is magnificent, is forgiven despairs idiot wool anger and does not need important place destructive `cultural revolution (to makes human to want toward government apparatus member’s note – it not to be a revolution, if government tells you to make it): And make apex’s concrete jungle respite from the equipment and the ancient veteran.

Altogether 100% pleasant. Though destroys a matter: (Whose did the friend of mine rest me to meet in India) is here and I thinks of him in Guangzhou this weekend. But did not worry; If all progress are smooth, I in meet me in Vietnam in several days above partner Stan, Helen and Thro.

I used me to wait for that my friend poured into hotel bathroom old `which taking advantage of the glib poo showed off. Unfortunately for me, may use only boggage is two are squatting the human, and you knew how many I hate is squatting the human. This is a truly hao Chinese hotel, I possibly imagine the state leader to the main International bank agglutination and CEOs squat likely the animal which should die in theirs $5,000 set of Armani clothes. Possibly is squatting the human is a great level, but that does not increase my affection for the fearful insult’s matter. Why and is its that air conditioning obtains sucks in your model the modern building everywhere, but always as if bypasses the bog? If that is the request are too many, the ventilator is good. Therefore (, because is squatting manpower handle does not have the U-bend dementia together with whole `), I found myself to squat likely the chimpanzee and sweat likely the horse, smelled the first 15 person’s base deposit to use doom this bed closet. Yuck.

When I escaped finally that test, I discovered was normal civilization third (before is seized) the washroom to get down or the flushing sits or the U pipe tee T one. Bah! If you want the help to prevent this kind of matter to occur again on my body, throws in pot’s some money in our justgiving page: and you knew you and all, and will like having good washroom karma several weeks.

I then pointed out that the discovery one good café has a precise hot cup Qiao and some hour internetage in the island. Unfortunately to hate the globalization to possess you, the only choice opens to me is Starbucks. But it surrounds in the tree a merry good old building, therefore I had not complained. There I serve the purpose to chat with two lovable Canadian, Zhu Li and Jiexika, teaches in China in this. This confirmation scattered and between the overall net contacts the matter and I guessed that is I is very why late obtains on-line these Bork. Then, that is my excuse, and I insist it.

Later we in other west cooked serve the restaurant (my shortcoming not to grab some voice voice! I thought that I have made here in Britain compared to me!) Eats China’s food, and pleasant Zhu Li freely I (although quite feeble) protested that pays a bill for the human. Therefore in mine abdomen (a YEY free supper! Thanks the girl!) And increases 2-3 new waiters to mine collection, I go at nightfall to discover my bus. The name which later nearby subway station uncouthly will progress in the discovery has discovered that I will be compelled while the taxi (not to have big to the recent station: The taxi is cheap in China), in caper before underground and is surprised the halfway I underground ride the spread-eagle town am only 30p.

30 urinations!! You have heard that London?! 30 urinations. Why if somebody wish explanation public (clue in name) does transport to an I sufficient reason in Britain by the privatization, I will be willing to hear it. Viva the la transportation revolution acts Calavera!! You waited for, is responsible until me….

Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes is a British adventurer, presenter, filmmaker and author. He is the only person to have travelled to every country in the world without flying. From 2014 to 2017 he lived off-grid on a private island that he won in a game show, before returning to the UK to campaign for a better future for the generations to come.

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  1. Marian

    welcome 2 Indonesia graham, we love you at the first sight on NGC last saturday, every morning when i woke up,my husband already check u out…… sad i don’t have twiiter account so i’cant following you,i’m a facebooker …hope u have a facebook account too… once again,welcome 2 indonesia, my homeland…have a nice trip and becareful with the street food and flood… 🙂

  2. ricechrisb

    I adore the paragraph with this in “`which taking advantage of the glib poo showed off. Unfortunately for me, may use only boggage is two are squatting the human, and you knew how many I hate is squatting the human.”

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