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Happy 30th Birthday Graham!

Congratulations on your 30th birthday, Graham…hope you like the pic!

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  1. Leo

    What!! No Beard!!!!!!!

  2. Mehrdad

    Cosmically Happy Birthday Buddy, Wish you luck each second on your journey,

  3. Roman

    Happy Birthday :P!

  4. Stan

    Love the way your hair blends into wood panneling, and your tie with the flowers.


  5. Simon Barber

    Ha! Happy Birthday bud!

  6. Alan From Isla Margarita

    Dear Graham, I´m a chef living in Isla Margarita….Venezuela….Your appraisal of Venezuela of loud music and being ripped off was excellent… There are a few nice Venezuelans here,, Good luck with the rest of you trip…And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan and Sandrine

  7. Joyce & Barbara

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAHAM. Barb and I met you in St. Thomas in February in a coffee shop. The best in your endeavors. LOL, J&B

  8. Norma Enid

    Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂

  9. Tam

    Happy Birthday sweet, was good to talk to you if only briefly.
    Hope you had a craking night at the Irish Pub in San Salvador.
    Hang in there

  10. Christian

    Happy birthday Gray, thanks for sharing your perspective on days past..I do recall being completly blown away by mike’s Spectrum and never wanting our stay in LP and space invaders to have an end. But dont get all wingy though..You now have the advantage of being a child in the disguise of a real grown up and that not all bad, I should know!!

  11. Ulf

    Happy Birthday Graham! Good luck with your journey and your effort for WaterAid!
    Let’s hope that you reach Australia two months before your next birthday!

  12. Steve Cottrell

    Happy birthday Graham. I feel too old to go to work at 30 never mind go round the world; I work in my lounge mostly too.

  13. Graham Hughes

    I just like the way I’m sporting exactly the same expression as on my avatar pic. What was it the Jesuits said? Show me the boy at 7…?

  14. nicola bourne

    Happy Birthday Graham! Hope you had a great day. We love reading about your travels and I’m totally jealous that your stepping foot in every country while i’m sat at a desk! Did you see that you featured in March’s Justgiving blog:

    Happy travelling!

  15. Martin

    Where are you Graham!?!? I have been keeping up with your travels, but no updates in a while 🙂 Hope you are doing well and staying safe! Good luck

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