News Alert: Graham Arrested in Cape Verde

Sat 6th June, 16:27
News has just come in that Graham has been arrested in Cape Verde. Details are sketchy at the moment, but there are people working hard in the background to sort it out. As soon as any further details are available, I’ll update this post.

Sat 6th June, 18:23
Graham and all crew of the Moustapha Sy have been arrested on suspicion of being illegal immigrants and are being detained at Eugenio Lima prison. The British Consulate has been in contact & things are progressing. Although it was mis-reported in African Press, here’s the news story.

Sun 7th June, 22:00
Various family members & I have managed to speak to Graham over the course of today. Along with 9 other men, he’s being held in a small, dirty cell that’s big enough for two. He was arrested on-shore on the island of Sao Tiago, on suspicion of entering the country illegally. Upon incarceration, he was denied access to a lawyer and a phonecall for 3 days, and no contact had been made by the authorities with the British Consulate. Graham’s brother Alex has been in contact with the Press Association, and a lawyer, and given the now-worldwide publicity, Graham’s spirit is up, and we expect some hopeful developments tomorrow – Monday 8th June. I’ll keep you posted.

Mon 8th June, 18:00 GMT
Having had his court case postoned earlier today, Graham is currently in court.

Mon 8th June, 20:52 GMT
HE’S FREE!!!!!! Justice is done. He’s currently with his lawyer & a representative from the British Consulate, and they’re getting him a bed for the night. No word on the rest of the boat crew yet…