Country Checklist

Here are the nations that I had to visit in order to complete The Odyssey Expedition.

As Yakko Warner helpfully makes clear in the following video, there are a LOT of countries in the world…

My plan for The Odyssey Expedition was to visit every country mentioned by Yakko and all the ones he missed! (That cartoon was made in the early 90s – we have dozens of new countries since then.) So that’s every member of the UN, the home nations of the UK as four separate entities, and some new countries like Kosovo to bring us to a nice round total of 200 201, including South Sudan.

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001 Uruguay
004 Bolivia
005 Chile
006 Peru
007 Ecuador
010 Brazil
011 Guyana



133 Egypt (Africa)
134 Sudan (Africa)
135 Jordan
136 Palestine*
137 Israel
138 Syria
139 Lebanon
140 Turkey
141 Iraq
142 Cyprus (Europe)
143 Libya (Africa)
144 Algeria (Africa)
145 Georgia
146 Armenia
154 Iran
155 Kuwait
156 Bahrain
157 Qatar


 186 Australia
  187 Vanuatu
  188 Fiji
  189 Tuvalu
  190 Kiribati
  192 Samoa
  193 Tonga
  194 New Zealand
  195 Nauru
  196 Micronesia
  197 Palau
  Hong Kong**


 201 South Sudan (new!)

* Not a member of the UN, but still counts towards The Odyssey 201.
** Dependency, Territory, Semi-Autonomous Region or Largely Unrecognised De-Facto State. Does not count towards The Odyssey 201.

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  1. clare hardin

    what an amazing adventure)
    have you gone through West Papua yet?
    I went there 2 years ago following the independence movement – me loads of incredible people, human rights activists, freedom fighters, musicians….women who have been raped by indonesian soldiers, families who have had their homes burnt to the ground by indonesian military, children whose fathers have been imprisoned for raising their flag, men who have been tortured by the security forces. West Papuans are Melanesians like Fijians, Australian aborigines, people from PNG, Vanuatu, Soloman Islanders, Hawaiians…. they do not want to be part of Indonesia and have thousands of Its soldiers, killing, raping, torturing and intimidating their people.
    I hope you met lots of West Papuans whilst you were there… heard the PAPUA MERDEKA shout out… and got to understand the true spirit of these amazing people at what they are having to live with everyday. It is a beautiful place to travel to, but it is important that tourists who go there share with their friends the story of the West Papua people and their Freedom struggle. check out this amazing short film explaining whats going on, West Papua – Crisis Time:

    thanks for reading,

  2. Louise

    interesting country count – leaving out French Polynesia for example, saved you a lot of travel! Most Tahitians argue there’s is an independent country. The fact that you mention New Caledonia,(and even went there) and Reunion, but not French Polynesia, all of which have the same ‘colonial’ status under the French constitution, suggests an inconsistent approach to your definitions.

    1. Cody

      If you look at the key down the bottom, you’ll notice that it explains when there are two asterix’s next to an entry on this list, it means it was visited but is doesn’t count towards the overall total of 201. He just happened to visit New Caledonia, but it doesn’t count. The same would have happened if he’d have visited French Polynesia.

      The overall total only takes into account the 193 UN members (The United Kingdom being divided into four entries), the four countries of the UK (England Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Palestine, Western Sahara, Vatican City, Kosovo and Taiwan (Republic of China).

      The non UN members included are only there in the interest of a round number (200, before South Sudan became independent turning it into an unround number of 201 😛 ).


  3. koxx

    Hi, have you visited the Pitcairn islands? Why is it not on your list?

    1. Cody

      The Pitcairn Islands aren’t a sovereign nation, they are a British dependency.

    1. Cody

      Non soverign state with limited recognition. it is currently only recognized by Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Therefore no need to visit. 😉

  4. Thomas

    If technology prevails always remember, The Moon, is waiting for men like you.

    1. Nathn

      It might be hard to get to the moon without flying

      1. Graham

        Nah… alls I needs is a REALLY long rope…!

  5. richard ambrose

    What happened to Greenland and cook slands…couldnt see them on the map…

    Howd you travel between all of the island countries? & can you tell someone roughly how much would cost for someone to re do your odyssey ?


    1. Cody

      Greenland is a Danish Territory, Cook Islands are a New Zealand Territory. There for, they don’t count towards the over all total. Do you not read or something before posting stupid questions?

      He traveled between island nations using mostly cargo ships and occasionally hitching free rides on cruise ships and on one occasion; a canoe to Cape Verde.

      1. Astrid

        Greenland is not danish territory – they got their independance in 2009 – on the 21’st of june.. so it should count as a country.. Dont you know your facts before you call other ppl stupid?

        1. Morten

          It’s an autonomous country, still a part of the kingdom of denmark. It’s like what Gibraltar is to the UK. The deal from 2009 wasn’t for independence, but it was a promise that when they are ready, Denmark will grant them independence.

          1. Guðrið

            Greenland has had home rule since 1979 but is still a part of the kingdom.
            But if Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland counts as countries, so should Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

          2. Martin

            Morten so is Faroe Islands (Færøerne), so he shouldnt have visited them either !

  6. Tony Giles

    What a fantastic adventure and story. Really cool website, looking for ward to reading the blogs on Sudan, Eritrea and South Sudan, before I head there myself. Hope you raised lots of money for water aid. I’m totally blind, but travel the world solo. My goal is to visit every country including the ones that belong to other contries like Greenland etc. Check out my book Seeing the world my way, published 2010, about a totally blind-partially deaf guy’s travel adventures – travel with a difference. Thanks for the website, happy adventures.

  7. Christoph

    Really great website and journey.

    But England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should not count as single countries. They are the United Kingdom. But maybe Scotland will totally independent!

  8. Alessandro

    Ok, I understand Transnistria doesn’t technically qualify as a sovereign state, but really it is. And once in Moldova it would have been a stone throw away. I would have included it. Probably the ugliest place I’ve ever been to.

  9. Tavonga

    So typical, all you can say about Zimbabwe is something bad smh

  10. Rei

    YOU FORGOT PUERTO RICO! It’s an american territory like the US Virgin Islands. It is right next to these islands but it is not part of them. We are like a country but treated as a colony of the US. You forgot to visit us! 🙁 Even though we even have recognition as a country in the Miss Universe pageant people seem to not know about us or forget about us! However, congratulations on completing the Odyssey! Saludos desde Puerto Rico!!

  11. Guðrið

    How come Scotland count as a country – but the Faroe Islands and Greenland don’t?
    The Faroe Islands and Greenland both have home rule – and so does Scotland. The Faroe Islands can even control more than the Scottish Parliament can.

    Anyway, I have deep respect for this guy. Sad to think that I will never experience so much in my entire life.. But maybe it’s not about quantity but quality?

    1. Graham

      Good point! Guinness World Records don’t count Scotland OR Greenland as sovereign nations, so for the (world) record it didn’t matter if I went to any of these places or not. In the event, I went to Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and The Faroe Islands, I’m saving Greenland for my next adventure – The Ones That Got Away…

      1. geiroffenberg

        Ah, so the 201 was the once guinnes acceptes for the record, but how many states did you actually go to, must have been way more, then?

  12. Bermudian

    I don’t see bermuda on your list. Did you ever make it here and if so by what means?

  13. Maximus

    You said you traveled to the Caribbean but there is no mention or record of you visiting the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao). Why is that ?

  14. Karthik

    Hi Hughes,

    Have you visited the island, Niue ?

  15. Andy

    I don’t see the Cayman Islands on that list …

  16. Patricia

    Very cool! I can only hope to hit a few of these before I go. Congrats!

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