Day 1,455: Let’s Hear It

Tue 25.12.12:

Merry Christmas everyone! I started this THANK YOU list over 6 weeks ago, and it’s still hopelessly incomplete. These are just SOME of the people who made The Odyssey Expedition possible. There are many, many more I still have to add, you’re best viewing this as a work in progress:

Mum & Dad, Mandy Newland, Lorna Brookes, Dino Deasha, Simon Barber, Anna Rosser, Lindsey Bennett, Christian Olsen Alex Zelenjak, Rocco Fasano, Scott Jones, Leo Skelly, Alex Hughes, Laura McGann, Grethe Børsum, Matt Eland, Thierry Klinklin, Colm Broaders, John Howell, Hugh Sheridan, Maia, Carlos, Mario and his family, Francisco, Cedric, The Officers and Crew of the MV Miriam, Annette Callander, Linda, John & Ted of The September Song, Kim, Rochelle, Martin & Fabio, Seamus, Wayne, Captain Grant, Christal and her parents, Joanne, Kerri and Andrew of The Mariposa, Sarah, Rosa, Mehrdad, Ken, TJ & Esperanza, Lu, Roman, The Crew of the MV Linge Trader, Jorge & Memo, Sofia, Wallander, John Curryman, Midge, Admiral Finbar, Captain Seth, Mike Bellows, Captain Johnny Younger, Monica, Patricia, Seppe, James, Guðbjörg at Eimskip, The Crew of the MV Reykjafoss, Captain Magnusson and the Crew of the MV Dettifoss, Michelle Samson, Matt Eland, Stuart Lanceley, Mary Dowrick, Paul Gibbs, Steve Clarke, Stan Standryt, Lucy & Tim, Jewles, Denise, Helen Raghu, Helen Power, Kjell, Tom Dowrick, Danny Alexander, Lynn Robinson, Ivy, John from Romania, Fatima, Michel, Captain Mbeye of the Mustapha Sy, Piran, Maria, Tomic, Gary, Callee, Yuri, Milan & Sebastian, Jared, Isaac, Helga & Paul, Shadi, Aya, Tanko Hamza, Fred, Tony, Roland, Vivian & Kamikaze, Estelle, Tatayo, Mobengo, Justin, Steve, Marc, The Sao Tome Boat Guys, Christophe, Dominique Picard and his Family, Michael, Laure & Alex, Emilio, Tashia, Eileen, Nenien, David Sandler, Dr Daniel, Liliana, Flore & Family, Gui, Dylan, Mickael, The Captain and Crew of the MV DAL Madagascar, Yaya, Fanja, Alice & Daniel, Keith, Sevene & Thomas, Aengus Stanley, Silvia & Asier, Abdourahman, Deyan, The Captain & Crew of the MV Turquoise, Kendra, Londa, Sam & Jenny, Tara, Sylvan, Dja, Claire, Shukri, Atheer, Rati, Nick, Jamil, Fred, Atabek, Rafael, Cloe & Younne, Alla & Oybek, Seyed and his family, Arash & Arsi, Houssein & His Grandmother, Mike, Haitham, Dominik, Abbas, Damian, Turki, Luke & Dave, Vipin Es…………

Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes is a British adventurer, presenter, filmmaker and author. He is the only person to have travelled to every country in the world without flying. From 2014 to 2017 he lived off-grid on a private island that he won in a game show, before returning to the UK to campaign for a better future for the generations to come.

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