GREAT GREAT NEWS!!!! Even though he is only three-quarters of the way through his quest, the good folks at Guinness World Records have just come through with the wonderful news that Graham has already achieved a NEW GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!!

It’s an incredible feat and an amazing journey, and it’s not over yet!

To celebrate his feat, please please donate to WaterAid…and tell your friends to donate – WaterAid need it. You can do so via any of the WaterAid donation links on this website or by clicking on this link.

Congratulations again to Graham…we salute you, sir.


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  1. Jose Fernandes

    Congratulations, Graham.
    I enjoy following you in this dust and long journey.
    Until next time you stop in the Cape Verde inslands.
    Stop by Cafe Sophia and say hello. I promiss you’ll
    enjoy more as you are a friend returning.

    Good luck.

  2. Jonny Blair

    Nice one Graham, congrats! I’m a bit late, better late than never eh? Jonny

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