The Odyssey Forums are LIVE!

The Odyssey Forums are now LIVE! But what does that mean for you? Well for almost a year now, our man on the ground has been having his say…telling it like it is…and at last, you can have yours! In a nutshell, there are three forums to which you can subscribe:-

  1. Comments: Say what you wanna say – as long as it’s clean;
  2. Questions: Ask Graham anything you wish – the answer is 42! Seriously though, he’ll do his very best to answer you as best he can, and;
  3. Advice: With North Africa, The Middle East, Central Asia, India, China, SE Asia and Oceania still to go, he needs all the advice that he can get! It might seem like small advice to you, but it could be crucial to him.

All I ask is that you stick to the forum rules, and these are posted on the top of each forum.

To subscribe to The Odyssey forums, you’ll have to register first, but don’t worry…it’s really simple! Just click on the ‘forum‘ link, then click on ‘register’. Add your details, and away you go! Easy-peasy..lemon-squeezy!

Go on…you know you want to!

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