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Day 167: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Mito rang with some good news – my boat, the Micau, was in port! And would be leaving tomorrow! Wonderful news. I got excited and Tweeted and everything.

My boat is leaving tomorrow. My boat is leaving tomorrow.

Yippee!! We went to see the boat guys. To transport me and the fisherman’s boat, they wanted €5000. Seriously. I couldn’t believe it. Mito managed to get them down to €3500, but still.

My word. Is Africa the most expensive place on Earth? I bet Japan will be cheaper. I bet. Tonight we met up with Helga and Nilsa again, but I crashed out early. Yeah! Outta here tomorrow!!

Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes is a British adventurer, presenter, filmmaker and author. He is the only person to have travelled to every country in the world without flying. From 2014 to 2017 he lived off-grid on a private island that he won in a game show, before returning to the UK to campaign for a better future for the generations to come.

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